Goa sea beach

to visit.There are many beach spot in goa .those are given blew

1.Querim beach North Goa:

Indian Sea beach

goa sea beach.Indian sea beach

It is also called kerim beach or keri beach near to Tiracol fort.the fort was built by the portuguese.A picturesque seen can not to be missedHere you will find paragdiling,surfing and other games.

2.Arambol beach north Goa:

Goa sea beach

Goa sea beach,India

Arambol is unexplored 16 km sea beach in North Goa surrounded by two side clean and blue water and beach market.Arambal is the best spot in Goa.You can visit sweet water lake on walking a few minutes.There you will find a big banyan tree  which bottom is worked with marvel.It’s shadow can bring sleeping.Every tourist can not but take a rest under the banyan tree.It also hosted night party, music concert and is  dubbed  to be the the capital hippie culture in Goa.YOU can enjoy paragdiling and kite surfing and other games here.Arambol is 50 km from here.

3.Mandrem beach north Goa:

Goa sea beach ,India

mandream sea beach ,goa,India

Mandream is one of the most beautiful beach location,in Goa,in India.The sand is spotted by shacks and here you can make a dolphin journey. Junas and Ashvem are to famous location where you can swim at your own sweet because here the water very calm,clean .

4.Morjim beach north Goa:

morjim sea beach

morjim sea beach

Morjim is famous for birds,turtle hillock and good beach food.It is also called mini Russia because here live any russia immigrants.Late night parties and loud music is banned here.

5.Chapora beach:

goa sea beach india

goa sea beach

It  very famous because it has some extra facilities –  the shore is calm,nice scene of beach, and all kinds of water sports.Here you can find Chapora fort, white sands along with black lava.Here is a nice village called Panjai

6.Sinquerism sea beach:

Goa sea beach

Goa sea beach India

It is small but very clean and popular for dolphin trip, good food, chilled bar and a historical fort. There are many resorts centers . It is the capital city of Goa.It is not crowded, if you want to enjoy beach silently , Sinquerim is the best place for you.If you like water sports Sinquerim Sea beach  is the perfect place for you.You can play all types of water sports here.

7.Bogmalo Beach:

bogmalo sea beach,goa India

bogmalo sea beach, goa, india

It is a perfect beach because it has a uniq natural beauty and famous for commercial purpose.Here are many shops from where you will can buy local handicrafts.It clean water will inspire you to swim.Here is located Goa institute for diving.

8.Majorda Beach:

Majorda sea beach.goa India

majorda sea beach,goa ,India

Majorda attracts tourist much because of its long stretches of clean sand, clean water perfect for swimming,lush green countryside, lovely bakeries,Goan foods, drinks,music and parties.

9:Cavelossin Beach:

Indian sea beach

Goa sea beach

It is beautiful and silent.The weather of Goa is very friendly.beside sea beach there are a beautiful small jungle the wind blows here very speedy.There are many lovely collage where you can spend your time.The security of cavelossin is very hard. You can feel 100% safety here.

10.Betul Beach:

betul beach,goa,India

betul beach goa India

If you do not like crowded of people Betul Beach is perfect for you.you can enjoy yourself hrer,no one will stop you. It has a small lagoon,river flowing,17th century fort and a braid cross church.It is a nice picturesque spot. It is in south goa.It has a tradition It is far from living location and many people do not know about this places. so Betul Beach always remain calm.There are only 60 houses that are not good enough but for tourist there are some hotels.Betul has an extra feature .A nice small river has separated the beach from the village.As the people here is very low so the whole place is very neat and clean.If you love beauty of nature from a silent place you should go there.



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