The beauty of Himachal

himachal is more beautiful than any other satae.It iHimachal is the best beautiful state in India thas a hilly attraction spot.Tourist also called it mini Switzerland.The whole place of this state is full of beauty. In winter there are a lots of snow fallsHere you will find nice mountain,river,jungle,fountain,the major city of this state on hill.Every year thousans of people gather here.I you arein india you should visit this place otherwise you will miss a heavenly moment of life.There are many cheap and delux hotels motelsand resort can stay here both vip and cheap as you like.You will find all necessaries from here.The climate of Himachal prodesh is very friendly.In different seasons of the year it chances it’s theme.There are two periods for visiting because it looks different in these two periods
Summer: june- October
Temperature:18-22 c

The main attraction of Himachal State are given blew:


majority part of visitors visit this places frequently every year.It is situated in on the bank of a hilly river.
Here you will find many church,temple,pagoda,valley,thousands of bird you also can float on boat in lake.There are many recreation system such as paragdiling.skipping,boat jump and walking at top of hill you can walk through clouds .It is very amazing isn’t it?



:Manali is another most beautiful location .It si situated about 6719 feet high from the sea level.You can touch cloud from thhe heads of these mountain. It is silent and green. You can feel the nature from the deep core frof heart from here. There are many parks,resorts,hotels and river .I am sure If you come you will not leave the place .!It is located near kullu .You also can enjou hilly train here.

Amazing snowfall,rich greenery and lakes has maid Shimla more attractive and beautiful place.The British ,during colonical period made this city very nicely.they used this city as their summar camp.It is known as the queen of hill station.At the centre of the Shimla is ridge which is offers natural beauty of the hill.It may be your dream spot.Shimla state museum is also famous.You will realize history and culture from here.Another beautiful place in Shimla is Annandale.It was playground of the britishand here they played cricket and polo.You can also visit another beautiful place that is Naldhera and Shaily peak.It is 2044 m high from the sea level.Lord carzon an british politics made a golf course you can ride horse through jungle.You can enjou the sounds of air.there are many sunset points.

It is located in the upper side of kangra valley,1475m high from the sea level.Tibetan leader dalai lamahas made the city popular for tourist attraction.masrur is a veru beautiful place.It is also historical too.It is famous forrock cut temples,8th century.In kangra museum you will find Tibetian Buddhists and kangra valley culture.Dal lake in dharmoshala is also a beautiful place.This beautiful lake across 1 square miles.It is one of the popular picnic spot.It is surrounded by deodar and juniper forest.Namgyal monastery is another historical place.Dalai Lama established this sculptor.It is also a centre of learning for the Tibet.For this spot Dharmoshala has become more famous.



Kasuali is at1800 meter above sea level.It is a cantonment town and beautifl hill station.It is called hiker’s paradise.It was develop during british rule.It is also famous for colonial style architecture.tourist like it for it’s lush green and picturesque of the mountains and is a famous church which was established in 1853.It is most visited place as it is made of marvels .sunset point of casauli is a beautiful places situatedat upper mall road.The mall is the main spot of the town for shopping.It is a populated places .thousands of tourist visit this place.Monkey point is another beautiful place.Monki point is the height point in kasauli.from here you can see the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas.the famous sutlekj river also can be seen from here.Krishna bhabhon mandir is really a amazing architecture which is made of marvel including indian anb british techniq.



Parwanoo is in Solan district and surrounded by shiwalik mountain range of the Himalayas.Here grows many fruits.Mughal garden I another famous and nice place.The gardens are neatly designed with rows of flowerbeds and several fountains.Various government programme are held here.Gurkha is a historical fortwhich is located at 1371m high from the sea level .here are many fruit orchards YOU can test fresh and natural fruits .
7.Solan:Solan is called the mushroom city of India and very beautiful places where you will find cloud,snow,jungle
Paragpur is 2000 feet high from sea level. It is the first heritage village in India.Everything in paragpur is interesting. Tourist likes it for friendly climate,developed culture,beautiful greenery and easy access.Sirmaur in located on the south estern part of the state.It is called the peach bowl.Taragarh is another famous places.Annual international competition and paragdiling and hangliding are held here.Una is the hottest area in Himachal.

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