About Darjeeling
Natural setting of Darjeeling creates a wonderful magic. Situated at an elevation of 2134m above sea level, located in West Bengal, Darjeeling is a place where words remain inadequate to compliment its elegance. Today, it’s one of most amazing mountain channels in Indian, and attracts visitors from far and extensive. The word ‘Darjeeling’ consists of two Tibetan words: ‘dorie’ which basically means magic and ‘ling’ that appears for ‘place’. So significance of Darjeeling in Tibetan is the ‘Place of Thunder’.

Heading to the north east, a tour of Gangtok is also a fine way of complementing your Darjeeling tours. Unarguably, Nature seems at its best in Darjeeling. Fantastic tea landscapes, spectacular cloud-kissing mountains, strong vibrant valleys, gleaming waterways and flowing waterfalls; this stunning mountain position features almost all aspects of characteristics. Magical views of sunrise and sunset are too attractive to leave anyone spellbound. Also discover an enamoring prosperity of plants & wildlife. Majestic presence of Himalaya is almost impossible to exceed over when you’re in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Tourism is pleasant and magical, Cheap Air E Tickets introduces package that lets you explore the true natural beauty, experience the unlimited delights and bring home delightful memories.


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